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South Jersey DSA Statement on Trans Rights in NJ

South Jersey DSA Statement on Trans Rights in NJ

The Queer community has made huge strides towards social acceptance in this country, but there is still work to be done. In the state of New Jersey, the “Trans Panic” defense has been outlawed, and this March, the “Queer Senior Bill of Rights” was signed into law, barring senior care facilities from discriminating against seniors based on their orientation, gender identity, and HIV status, but key protections, such as transwomen’s rights to compete in sports, are still only under executive purview, and not codified in law.

This leaves us vulnerable to the whims of future administrations. Right now, there is even a bill to prevent transwomen from competing in women’s sports, a position rooted only in bigotry, and not at all in science. It seems to have died in committee, but it still poses a threat to the rights and dignity of transpeople in our state. We do not want to go down the road of other states, such as Florida, where minors are to have their genitals inspected by adults before competitions. Such egregious actions are not only a violation of transpeople, but of all people who wish to compete, and such systems are begging to be abused. We call on the state legislature and governor, Phil Murphy, of New Jersey to enshrine the rights of trans athletes in law so as to prevent such heinous abuses from encroaching upon us in the future.

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